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The Challenge


Did you know that a man’s love launched the biggest development in the history of the city? He wanted to please his wife and turn Budapest into a city as marvellous as Vienna or Paris. Stories and legends which permeated, constructed this city and people who experienced it.

Discover the mysterious faces of the city, get to know the stories and the secrets of the people once living here… faces, buildings, statues …, all having a message, you just have to hear them. Nationalities and cultures have mixed, architectural styles have evolved and passed by, all leaving their traces behind. Leave for a joint tour with your mates and search for all the traces!

At the start of the program the participants are going to receive a certain route given in a puzzle. The first station of the program is to solve the puzzle, and this is where you have to complete different exciting tasks related to the city, such as search for castle walls or be in the wake of the Romans. By completing each task you may gather scores, and certainly there is a chance to obtain extra scores if each team happens to complete the tasks with the same excellent performance.

After completing a given task always a newer and newer puzzle indicates the next station, and it goes on and on this way. Depending on the time available we are going to walk around interesting and remarkable parts of Buda or Pest within 3-3,5 hours, and if we have even more time for this purpose, both sides may be visited in the frame of the program.

Solve the puzzles age-old mysteries and travel back in time!



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