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Team Buildings in Budapest

When compiling our group programs, we focused on two main aspects – on the one hand, we attempted to organize an exciting and interactive program with the purpose of making the participants get to know the curiosities of Budapest by involving them in the life of the city with the participation of the passers-by and the people of Budapest, furthermore, by making them solve different tasks and puzzles. On the other hand, at the stations we mount different challenges for them which are entertaining and require creativity as well as teamwork, furthermore, strengthen team spirit.

Not so long ago in the course of excavations Hungarian archeologists came across a time capsule which had been hidden by a time traveller who left a message behind along with a device made in the 21st century, and with the help of this device the time traveller invites you as well for a time travel. We do not know exactly where the time traveller can be found presently, and since he does not want others to follow him, they hav encrypted their messages according to the knowledge of the different ages. The encrypted messages must be solved and the participants have the task to prove that they are fit and capable of following in their footsteps.

Her Majesty, the Queen of England's secret service got informed by reliable sources that a group of terrorists is planning an assassination against the queen, and as a first step thereof, the whole secret service is to be dissolved. A bomb has been placed in the surroundings of the primary target of the assassination, which is the Budapest base of the secret service. The location of the base is kept secret, and following the disappearance of two agents the others do not reveal their identity. They have left traces and clues behind to be searched for and investigated, and the scene as well as the bomb and the code necessary for halting it have to be found. The clock is striking…

Forget all the wars of numbers and treasure hunts! Budapest Challenge is a real challenge and adventure, the city as you have never seen and heard before. Discover the traces of the Romans and Caesar’s decoded code. Don’t you know how to go on? The cryptex will give you the answer, however, only after solving it!

No, it is not the car, but one or more participants and some phones. Besides, a funny story the part of which you might also become. A few great participants and some more interesting stories which may have never happened? Decide for yourself! If you have made your mind, send your answer – it is up to your answer how the story continues, inside or outside the castle walls and in Pest or Buda?

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