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Hungary was a well-known and popular wine producing region in Europe well before the conquest, and it still prides in a unique variety of wines compared to the size and location of the country. In the course of the wine tasting recommended by us the participants take part in a special „journey”. The selected handcrafted wines are going to be presented by their producers, the wine producers themselves, and they are going to tell us what factors influence the taste of the given wine, where and how the grapes are grown, and what environmental factors have impact on the production and „the birth” of a „Tokaji Aszu”, the famous, sweet dessert wine of the Tokaj region.

Pálinka is a HUNGARICUM, it is a traditional, Hungarian kind of fruit spirit made ​​by way of distilling the fermented fruit. The name „pálinka” is used only by Hungary and four Austrian counties. The most common ingredients of these are plum, pear, apple, apricot, cherry, grapes, grape marc and strawberry, buti t can be made from any fruit grown in Hungary. This drink is really popular with the youth due to its taste.

Sweet, bitter, milky, caramel, fruity, with the taste of the famous „Tokaji Aszu”, cherry, chestnut, rum, marzipan, or perhaps tonka beans , however, there is already salty or chilly as well. These days a wide variety of possibilities and fabulous tastes are available, and there are even more with further exciting tastes in the handcrafted praline supply of a more decade-old company. It would be a pity to miss it!

Strudel is a kind of cake consisting of a thin dough folded in layers including a kind of filling. Strudel-making used to be a family activity, with women gathering around and stretching the strudel. The filling used to be fruits, cottage cheese, nuts, those being available at home. Nowadays it is made with a variety of fillings and especially around the holiday season. The most popular ones are the apple and cottage cheese strudel, but is is also made with plum, peach, rice, poppy seed, vegetable marrow and cabbage filling. As a supplementary program of strudel tasting the participants can try how to make strudel.

Based on a century old tradition, salami is made using pork and pork lard, applying secret spicing, in casing filled,  applying cold smoking, dry ripening and covered with a special noble-mould on the surface. The history of the worldwide-known Hungarian salami started with the family enterprises of the Herz and Pick families in the 19th century, reaching world success and still doing so as their ancestors did. Nowadays, the salami made by both enterprises is qualified as a Hungaricum, meaning that these are products having unique quality, fame and other characteristics connected to Hungary.

We undertake the transport of our guests ranging from 1 person up to bigger groups in the whole territory of Hungary and Transylvania. We provide city sightseeing in Budapest or in the countryside, the organization of an airport transfer or transport within the city, and transport both by bus and taxi. We carry out high quality transport with reliable and experienced drivers as well as cutting-edge vehicles.

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